• Panther's

    PSW is an online gaming guild. Games include Grand Theft Auto V (Online), Star Wars: The Old Republic, Star Trek online and more!

    Information Coming Soon.
  • Star

    PSW's Star Trek Online guild features an amazing fleet that believes in loyalty, family and adventure. Visit the STO Fleet Forum's to learn more.

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  • Star Wars:
    The Old

    PSW's Star Wars: The Old Republic guild features an amazing crew that believes in loyalty, family and adventure. Visit the SW:TOR Forum's to learn more.

    Information Coming Soon.
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Look.. over there... ya'll see it right?
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GTA V - Panther Skull's Beach Runner Antics.
Meep Meep...
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GTA V - Mr. Maddox eyeballs the next target.
1,2..He's looking at you...
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GTA V - Mr. Maddox still swears he saw something!
I'm serious... now it's over there!
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GTA V - Mr. Maddox see's things.
I swear... There's something odd about this place...
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GTA V - She just wanted the car...
Jeez, you didn't have to lose your head....uhh and hands over it?
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GTA V - This is what happens during PVP.
You're on a thin line buddy....
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Star Trek Online

Game with a clan, a guild... a family.

Fun, Respect, Loyalty.
Welcome to the “Panther’s Shadow Warriors” guild site.

Although PSW is accepting registrations online, you will need to contact us via email as our registrations page is undergoing renovations. Please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

In 2012, Panther Skull (aka Panthron), established Panther's Shadow Warriors for close friends & family. At the time of the guild founding; the only game being played was Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Prior to the founding; the PSW Guild then decided to include DC Universe Online as a secondary option. The DC Universe option was added due to the fact that guild members were all fans of the movies, books and comics.

The initial primary goal of the guild was to bring out the inner-geek that was hidden in everyone. Above all else, the current members were gaming just for the love of the games.

After playing Star Wars & DC Universe for some time it was then decided to expand the guild further by welcoming any and all who wished to play for the love of the game as a guild member.

Within the last 2 years, Panther’s Shadow Warriors has since added several other games into the collection including Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, APB Reloaded & Grand Theft Auto V.

Currently; PSW is considering adding Guild Wars 2, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Age of Conan to the list of games enjoyed by the guild members!

PSW also welcomes any and all game suggestions that our members and guests may have. Our stance is one where we see gaming as stress relief from the rigors of the day. We are here to have fun and respect with other members of this little ragtag bunch of gamers known as the Panther’s Shadow Warriors! If you wish to show your love for any of the games we enjoy, please feel free to join us. This guild now includes a forum for players to share information, thoughts and tips.

A “Mumble” server has recently been established to allow members to use voice chat during group game play. Once your registration is complete you will be sent the “Mumble” server information.

Always remember to have fun and get your geek on.

Recent Game Addition to PSW

Grand Theft Auto V
PSW has recently added Grand Theft Auto V to its collection of games played by guild members. If you have a copy of Grand Theft Auto V and would like to be a part, please contact us at Starwarstxnerd@gmail.com for more information.
  • Founder / Commander

    Panther Skull
  • Asst. Commander

  • Co-Founder / Web I.T.

  • Assistant Web I.T.

    Mr. Maddox
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